About Us

We create music blog called Piece of a Day. We write alternately. Love to music is what connects us. We adore to scratch up diamonds from forgotten pop culture’s outskirts, we collect music cream from the remote corner of the world, we check on our neighbours and we ransack the history of various countries just to make sure we capture what is beautiful and/or interesting.


12449529_825728637538026_1465284415_oAga Drabik (Aga Drabik) – Drabik & Music or Creative Search for a new Björk’s incarnations in Music

Born in 95, student of English, an adulthood rookie, who likes to try any new things. She loves literally Every Kind of Music: modern electropop, noise, as well as classical stuff. In her free time she plays with words – creating blogs, collages, translating, or taking pictures (of places rather than of people). Aga collects her sound memories and re-creates them in 8tracks mixtapes. 8tracks is also her source of new music to walk through forests by. In the future she would like to live in a place with a great density of forests – maybe in Iceland or Norway (also because of beautiful Scandinavian music).


Emilia Figura – Currently nobody special doing nothing in particular.


 Emilia spends most of her time daydreaming with her head up in the clouds, and it seems the music she usually listens to embodies some aspects of the aforementioned clouds – it’s mostly soft and light but there are times when it’s dark and heavy with rain and lightnings – and that’s just an elaborate way of saying her music taste is diverse + depends 97% on emotional state. Her second favourite thing to do is wandering around the woods in the hopes of finding the one right path that will lead her to finally becoming „someone”. In her search she’s already (at least musically) traveled the whole globe and became an expert in music sang-not-in-English. She stayed for a longer while in the Korean world of pop and pretty people. Very often however, she comes back to Scandinavia where most of her long-time favourite musicians reside. As you can see, she straddles the fence between glitter/kpop and Viking/warriors. (But the fence is quite wide and comfortable so she’ll probably stay like that for a while). In the meantime she hopes to share her travel finding with you all


Gosia Szymeczko – also known as Szyneczka – Little Ham or Lady Puzzle

She’s that type of a person who misleads you with her look and behawior, so you will never know what to expect from her and what to think of her – and for sure you’ll never goknow what she’s actually thinking in her twisted mind. That will also happen with the notes she’ll write. There will always be a puzzle. Music she likes? I know Gosia since ages but I can’t tell. It may be OST from Titanic or very rare punk band. Most likely it will be something preety and sad, I guess. Gosia lives in Budapest, the capital of great concerts and an incubator of young generation of Hungarian music. Recently she started to learn Czech, so I’d expect some Czech ifluences in her music taste to emerge soon. She finally found courage to travel thru Budapest on her bike, so if she gets into the bikers society – a small music revolution may occure. Let’s see!


Tarcsi András (Bluralika, Antek) – Radio Danube Waves or Punk from the Undergound
F1050010Born in 1991, drummer, educator, finder of singularities, eternal student, photographer. Hungarian from Slovakia, he speaks better polish than slovakian though. Antek likes changes, he often changes palce of residence, universities, bands he plays in, interests and he’s own taste too. Thus he contacts with a variety of worlds, from which he drags diverse Pieces of good music. Once he was obsessed with indierock, rock, hip hop, lo-fi, ethno and maybe even folk, currentely he’s exploring punk and it’s derivatves. Antek plays in a band called Camp Koala, before he was a drummer in Mayberian Sansküllots. Perhaps in near future he’ll finally start his own band, well, it’s been a while in Camp Koala already. Antek is a skateborder, until recently he’s dream was to become a cameraman, so he tried to get to the Budapest Film University, but in the mean time he went on a scholarship to Poland, where he felt in love with care of the disabled kids. So now he studies special education in Budapest, rides there on his beloved bike, and in the free time he’s on a concert – standing in the crowd or drumming on stage.


Piotr Szymeczko – also known as MC all that rap you don’t know




Piotrek is a self-born photographer and graphic designer, lately bounded up with Cracow. He’s that reading type, so you’ll be suprised to see his home library, although he will try to deceive you with his behaviour to make an impression of a quite an ordinary person – so better beware, he’s contrary to all your expectations. He may also suprise you with his knowledge about political history and politics in general. Not everybody knows that Piotrek likes to exeriment in the kitchen – while cooking – my source claims that the results are usually very tasty. The music he’ll offer? Manely very fresh and rather rap-ish songs, but for sure this is not everything that he’s got.




Kasia Waliczek (Pszygoda) – Music for Suicide or Radio Adventure

Polish, Born in 1986, comparative literature bachelor, MA in Hungarian language, blogger, mother to two years old Hedwig, wife of a cute IMG_7716engineer (who dreamed to become a dustman, but happened to be a banker), unfulfielled painter and singer and designer. She likes to write, plan, take pictures, climb mountains. She judges people based on music they listen. She makes new acquaintances only to get new music pieces, that’s why she meets foreigners gladly. She looks for new music everywhere, in an old furniture stores, amongs abandoned books, on posters, in old movies, in philharmonic halls, on the roof of music schools. She’s afraid of country music. The pieces she presents usually have only one common feature: good quality. They differ in every other way: physically and chemically, different is also genre, age and the origin of each piece. Pszygoda doesn’t like to live in one place for longer, that’s why, if possible, she flies/ride/move a lot. She has a dog and one thousand ideas for life, creatvity blows her up from the inside, maybe that’s why she started this blog.



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